Blackwater Commercial Cleaning was established with a clear mission: to provide a professional cleaning service based on performance, integrity and attention to detail. We are committed to delivering on our promises with a view to exceeding our clients’ satisfaction.
We specialise in commercial and domestic cleaning and have tailored our services to meet the specific needs of our clients and let’s not forget personalised Customer Service!
We also have a holistic approach to cleaning. We only use green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. We use citrus based cleaning products, colour coded micro fibre cloths & HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.

All of our professional cleaners are carefully selected for both their integrity, work experience and the desire to excel in whatever they do. Our teams ensure we maintain our reputation for attention to detail and excellence of service so you are assured of the highest level of cleaning services.
We encourage open communication and welcome all feedback.
We encourage and support each other so we can achieve our best at all times in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.
We accept responsibility for our actions and are accountable at all times to our team members, clients and suppliers.

Mission Statement
1. To provide our clients with a high level professional service.
2. To provide our employees with job satisfaction while having as much fun as possible.
3. To use integrity in all aspects of the business, with staff, suppliers and clients.
4. To enhance the Company’s profile by providing exemplary service and striving for excellence.
5. To make a contribution to the wider community wherever possible.

Full public liability cover
For peace of mind, we continue to provide our clients with comfort in the knowledge that Blackwater Commercial Cleaning is fully insured.

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