Many Australians are well educated about the impact (our carbon footprint) we have on our environment and how we can take steps to protect it, as well as our homes and families.

Switching to green cleaning, using products that are citrus based and eliminating the use of products that require a lot of resources to manufacture are just two ways of protecting our fragile planet.

Many cleaning products contain harmful substances that can have serious side effects on everyone, including houses, buildings and the environment. Therefore we have completely eliminated conventional chemical cleaners such as bleaches and detergents which may leave harsh residues that cause allergies and other adverse reactions.
We provide degradable bin liners which break down within two years compared with around 500 years for standard plastic bags.

We won’t undercut our price to get your business. We provide an honest and genuine cost quotation that ensures our staff has sufficient time to achieve a consistently excellent clean.

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Cleaning Products: Our commitment is not only for a clean environment, but also a healthy one for both your staff and ours!
Colour-coded Microfiber Cleaning Products: By adapting microfiber cleaning technology we have eliminated paper waste in our cleaning practices. This is part of our quality-control initiatives; colour coding eliminates the risk of cross infection.

HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners: Our vacuum cleaners are designed to remove particles and not disperse them. These systems will lower the risk of respiration and allergy-related illnesses in your home and workplace.

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